domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013


October, 31st. Children dress up as monsters, ghosts, whitches... They go out knocking on the doors. They say "Trick or Treat".


In our school we prepare typical pumpkins, and we celebrate the lesson as witches, evils, one skeleton... It was terrifying.

"The Moon is bright on Halloween night"
Written by Suce, Nayeli & Fátima (6th grade)

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    1. Nabila, you are a very good student and a marvellous girl. Have a good day.

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    1. Fantastic Nabila, I'm very happy because you are really interested in learning English and you have a very good pronunciation. See you tomorrow, darling.

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  5. Sorry teacher I want to say :"When are we going to do another english project? I'm very impatient."

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  7. Hi teacher, i´m David, can you publish the fotos of when Naomi, Andres and me were 5 years old? Please,